We are interested in exceptional students, postdoctoral associates, and technical assistants who are interested in working at the cutting-edge of synthetic biology.

- Undergraduate students, please consider applying to the MIT iGEM team or browsing UROP Announcements.

- Graduate students, MIT has decentralized admissions and while we take students from many departments (BE, ChE, EECS, Chemistry, Biology, CSBi), your best bet is to apply to the Biological Engineering or EECS graduate programs.

- Postdoctoral scholars, we often have announcements listed below for targeted projects or you may send a cover letter and CV to Professor Weiss at rweiss@mit.edu.

Postdoctoral scholars:

The Weiss lab at MIT is looking for talented researchers in the field of synthetic biology and has openings for postdoctoral researchers in the following areas:
Researchers will design and build genetic circuits that sense cell state, including mRNA, miRNA, metabolites, viral entry, etc., and implement feedback control, analog, digital ,and “neural” logic functions that result in precise spatiotemporal responses, such as transcription factors for differentiation, antiviral therapy, vascularization, cell-cell communication, 3D tissue formation, synthetic immune systems, and more. Follow the links below to apply for the current openings.